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I love blogging- it's a passion of mine. I also have a passion for food allergy awareness and learning how to live with them. I thought it was about time to combine the two. I find all kinds of great information on a daily basis- why not have a public repository for it.

Over time I've created my own opinions about milk in general. My goal is to help those that choose to avoid it or have to avoid it. My goal is not to convince you to avoid it... although you may come to that conclusion on your own.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
I found this blog...

and boy does it illustrate what life with a milk allergic child is like.  Although she describes "difficult" children in general, her situation struck really close to home.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Got Migraines?

Sixteen years ago, the journal of Pediatrics (1989;84(4):595-603) reported:

"Dairy products may play a major role in the development of allergies, asthma, sleep difficulties, and migraine headaches."

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Thursday, September 22, 2005
I wish I didn't know...

all that I know about milk.  For my son it's the enemy, and so, I'm forced to understand it.  So often I get questions like "how does your family get it's calcium if you don't drink milk?".  As "un-american" as it may sound the truth is that benefits of milk are mostly myths created by the dairy industry so that you'll buy their product- especially about calcium.  They don't want you to know what "I wish I didn't know".

There are several books and studies about the milk farse and it's potential harmful effects.  The truth is that you don't need all the calcium that you think you do and most of the calcium that you do absorb doesn't actually come from milk- in fact, there's so much phosphorus in milk that you're unable to absorb most of it.  Not to mention the fact that the cultures that don't drink milk have better bone density and less osteoporosis.

In addition, people who drink a lot of milk are generally "sicker".  The harmful side effects of milk pile high to the sky- some doctors challenge patients to obstain from milk and all milk products for a week to demonstrate how much your health and energy level improve.  In fact, research shows that people who don't consume milk products typically won't get sick from Group A strep. I am fascinated by this statistic and am convinced based on 2 highly unscientific accounts I know of.  I know someone who has a daughter that loves milk and drinks it all the time.  She also has a daughter who won't touch the stuff.  Guess who frequently has strep infections and guess who has had 1 during her lifetime.  That's right... strep doesn't strike the non-milk drinking daughter. 

Out of curiosity I asked my youngests' pre-school teacher about my son's health compared to the rest of the class since he doesn't consume milk products as a result of being a victim of circumstance.  She reported that he was considerably healthier than the other kids.  When I explained why I asked she indicated that her son's asthma also went away after she took him off milk products under advice from her doctor.

My point is not to bash milk but rather to provide some balance to all the pro-milk hype created by milk marketers to people like my friend who doesn't like milk but is convinced she must drink it because she's pregnant. Makes me think about my pregnancy with my youngest... the one that is so healthy.  I stayed on a milk free diet while pregnant with him under the advice of our peditrician, my OB and our allergist. 

I expect that most doctors who have paid milk any attention know that milk isn't all it's hyped up to be and would probably discourage you from drinking it if it wasn't  such a sensitive issue.  Milk is seen as wholesome and good and anyone who says anything counter to that could be seen as a traitor to mainstream America- most doctors don't want to go there.  Unfortnately I'm a maven by nature and can't help but want to tell everyone what I know.  That doesn't stop me from eating the occasional milk product but for me I get the same weak feeling in my stomach when I see a jug of milk as most people get when they see a loaded gun.

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Accidentally Vegan

In some ways we've become "accidentally vegan"... with the exception of the fact that we eat non-cow meat- if that makes ANY sense at all!  I expect that the biggest challenge with being Vegan is having to eliminate milk and cow products... which is also our challenge.  It's nice knowing that Vegan products are safe for our son since even products that claim to be non-dairy or vegetarian are often loaded with milk products.

I came across this website which is an excellent resource for vegan products.  It's amazing how many products are "accidentally vegan".  I thought I knew it all but even I found some surprises on these lists.

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